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How to use your project boards with SCNDAL?

During day-by-day work, it is often difficult to organize all the work that is required to achieve a good marketing strategy or the creation of an incredible website. That’s why we use to organize our teams and improve the review experience for our customers. You make sure you like it, we make sure it works

Once you have requested access to your project boards, our Brand Manager will take care of granting you access. Stay tuned, you will receive an email to start the process. If you have not received the email, please contact your Brand Manager.

Step 1: Accept the invitation.

Please check your email, we’ve already sent you an invitation to register your account and access to your project board in platform.

After accessing the email, enter the link on your board through the «Accept Invitation» button.

Step 2: Create your account.

Complete the information required to create your account. Follow the steps indicated by the platform, be sure to use a secure password and the same email that you have provided to SCNDAL.

Step 3: Find the right board.

You may have multiple boards on your account. Depends on the work structure of your project.

In the left column, you can find a list of all your boards.

Step 4: Read your grill carefully.

Please read each topic and its columns carefully. You can change or add information as well as make some comments or specific requirements.

Step 5: Topics approval.

You can approve or disapprove topics, including changing certain information in each column. Relax, our system will notificate us about your changes.

Step 6: Record and upload.

Certain content may require you to record some video footage. In these cases, you need to upload your files to your Google Drive folder.

When entering your Google Drive folder, please select the «Stocks» folder. There you can upload any type of content you want to share with SCNDAL.

Tip: You can create different folders to organize the content. This will help that in the passage of time everything stays in order.

To add any content, you must click on the «New» button and then select whether you want to add a folder or a file, as shown in the following image.

Step 7: Content approval.

Once we are done editing your content, we’ll upload the final result to the platform for you to review it and approve it.

If you have any comments, please contact your Brand Manager to improve the final result.

Step 8: Posting and scheduling content.

Once the content is approved, we will take it to the scheduling space, where your community manager will be in charge of scheduling it according to the best strategy for your brand.

Continual improvement

It is usual that over time, your SCNDAL teams adapt to your needs to improve the experience. If you have a specific request or want something handled differently, feel free to mention it to your Brand Manager.


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